purpose [pur-puhs]
1.the reason for which something exists or is done, made,used, etc.
2.an intendedor desired result; end; aim; goal.

I want to start this introduction on the right foot, for it is attached to my dominant leg, but more precisely because I want to create this blog with a purpose. A lack of purpose is inefficient. The purpose of this blog is to be a venue that I can discuss my ideas, hopes, abstract thoughts, interests and perhaps shed some rare insight into what makes me tick. My audience is primarily myself, some friends, anyone who shares one of my interests or any random denizens of cyberspace who enjoy (or at least tolerate) the way I think. With that said, I am the main target audience, trying to make sense of a world filled with colourful emotions, when all I see is 50 shades of grey. If there are any other INTx’s around, perhaps it may serve as some food for thought… that’s if they haven’t all left the planet by now.


So, who am I?

It’s a question which I have an immediate urge to type “HR GRADUATE, GAMER, TWENTY-SOMETHING” and other short phrases in which to associate myself into easily digested stereotypes and pigeon-holes. It’s easy to attach terms to describe myself, as one would describe a meal at their favourite restaurant or a game that they are playing, without really thinking about it. Under the surface and into meta- cognitive awareness, I honestly don’t know the answer. It’s like trying to play a game but the rules keep on changing, and so I propose we move onto an easier question…


What interests me?

At a very high level view, Psychology, Philosophy, Politics, Pizza and many other things starting with “P”. Other nouns not starting with “P” include; Games (I’m a PC gamer, ex PSX/PS2), the Harp (yes, I do play the harp), Technology, Music and Cats. I enjoy thinking, I spend most of my time processing information and reflecting. I live inside my head and it’s a grand, creative, turbulent and somewhat dangerous place. A most comfortable gaol cell.